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Tech Optimum is a student-led organization helping and inspiring future leaders of the tech industry woldwide.
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Our Mission

We aim to improve skills of high school & college students who would like to become better computer scientists.

At Tech Optimum, we strive for excellence when it comes to programming.

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Learn to Code:

Integrating MongoDB

Use databases in your own website. Discover how data can be stored in DB's like Mongo, and learn how to control the data.

Basic Web Development

Create simple websites using HTMl, CSS, and JS. Host, publish and share your personalized website that you created from scratch!

Create a Simple Game

Learn how to create simple games, tic tac toe, quiz games, and more. You will learn how to create real-world applications using langauges like Javascript.

And so many more courses to choose from to enhance your coding abilities!

Mission Statement


Participate in epic events hosted by Tech Optimum.

Our upcoming event is a Hackathon!! A hackathon is a 48-hour coding competition in which participants can code projects as a team or individually and compete for numerous prizes!

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